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2008 Garden Art Show Longmont, Colorado

We've raised over $10,000 for kids art & nature charities!
2008 once again brought in over $2,000, with most of the proceeds benefitting Thorne Ecological Institute. Additionally, we're sponsoring a woman survivor in a war-torn region of the world, through Women for Women. Here's to another fabulous evening of art, food, drinks, smiles, and cutthroat bidding!

THANK YOU to our 25 featured artists!

BRAVO to all 200 guests who attended! Hope you enjoyed your art, your raffle prizes, your new artist friends, your full bellies, and your mojito buzzes!


WELL DONE to contributors of food, beverages, supplies, and atmosphere:

CHEERS to sponsors of our largest raffle ever!

Artists: Donate art for 2009! Sponsors: Support art, nature, & fun!

See you next year!

Beth Ricciardi
curator/founder, gardenartshow & auction


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